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BonVie Health and Nutrition Consulting has a simple but important mission: educate individuals, families, and large groups with sound principles to enable a lifetime of better health.

Based on the French term for “leading the good life”, BonVie is dedicated to tailoring health and nutrition information so that it’s approachable, easy to apply in everyday life, and motivating for clients. Our work focuses on promoting better decision making for healthy lifestyles using science-based proven techniques. From organizational consulting, employee wellness, and workshops to individual and online nutrition education, our goal is to make healthy living accessible and practical for everyone. Please read more about how BonVie carries out its mission.

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Learn more about our Founder, Dominique Ruggieri, and why she’s passionate about helping you change your relationship with food.

You might be wondering what brings me to the point in my life that I’m so passionate, so motivated, and so enthusiastic about teaching others to live a healthier life in simple ways. You might be asking why someone who is not a registered dietitian has been such a sought-out nutrition coach and consultant for hundreds of people over the past 13 years. Or you might just be curious to understand more about me and my personal background. I’m happy to share my story with you.

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BonVie is committed to providing coaching, consulting and nutrition education training to help you live a healthier life.

BonVie knows how to make learning about health and nutrition approachable, easy to learn, fun, and motivating. Our signature style for a healthier simple life is to encourage our clients’ to embrace making small changes, avoiding calorie counting, and to enjoy food instead of fearing it.

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