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What people are saying
Nakia Henderson
Nakia Henderson

I have­ known Dominique for a little over four years. We began working together as colleagues and quickly we clicked. I admired her tenacity, professionalism, and respect for others that she brought...

Kimberly Sterner-Stein

Over 5 sessions, Dominique really helped me understand food labels and ingredients to maximize nutrition, energy, glycemic and cholesterol control. While my nutrition was reasonably good at the start, Dominique helped me...

Jackie Ricciardi

Diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and chronic depression from an early age, I have struggled to develop healthy eating habits and a positive self-image. I have spent many years looking for effective...

Franka Baly

Think you know nutrition? And you may, but not like her. Dr. Dominique Ruggieri, the driving force behind BonVie Health and Nutrition! She breaks things down in a way I never heard...

Tony Ricciardi

While my daughter was in college, she took several courses with Dr. Ruggieri and shared everything she learned about nutrition with me. Dr. Ruggieri’s easy-to-follow tips and tricks helped my wife and...

Jason Henderson

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to have a few nutrition sessions with Dominique Ruggieri. Dominique has totally changed the way that I understand nutrition. With so much information available on diet, it's...

Brett Koliani

Dr. Ruggieri, in my opinion, is one of the most unique teachers that I have had the pleasure of learning from. School is mainly a form of mimicry in that the information...

Nicole Goodwin

For me, nutrition was more than an undergraduate elective course. In this course, Dr. Ruggieri provided the stepping stones to a healthy life style. Her energetic, professional, and compassionate teaching styles allow...

Jenna Conroy

Dr. Ruggieri creates an environment that is safe for her students and one where they are comfortable opening up about their thoughts and feelings. She has an unbridled devotion to teaching and helping others. Dr. Ruggieri...

Jennifer Smith

Dr. Ruggieri blew me away from the moment I met her. Sitting in her classroom on the first day of class I was amazed by her energy and passion. Dr. Ruggieri always...


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