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As a Nutrition Educator I hear from individuals all the time about the struggle to eat healthy. Maybe like so many you start a healthy eating or weight loss program but due to time, money, or life’s challenges you get off track. Maybe you are confused by what you should even be eating as everyday it seems like there is a new school of thought on what we should be putting into our bodies. For all of these reasons I created the Eat-Move-Restore Challenge! I wanted it to be a no excuse way for you to jump start your health with information and tips that I know will help you to get on the path to wellness. I’ll be with you every step of the way. I promise you this, once armed with this knowledge you will never be same again. I look forward to having you as a part of the challenge and helping you to regain your health or to stay on the path of healthy living.


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Here’s what you can expect to get from participating in the Challenge:

Learn new strategies and ways to eat healthy

Increased energy

Less feelings of overwhelm

A “cleaner” kitchen

Learn how to workout smarter instead of harder and longer

Learn techniques to help you feel better immediately better from high stress situations

Start to identify for yourself what are reasonable and attainable goals related to health and wellness

Better sleep and techniques for restoration and recovery

And so many other tips focused on your overall well-being

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What’s included in the Challenge:

New motivating video each day.

Pantry and refrigerator checklist.

Tips for healthy eating.

Tips to simplify your exercise routine.

Tips for improving sleep including relaxation exercises for sleep.

Tips for saving money while shopping for healthy foods.

And so many other tips focused on your overall wellbeing.



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